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Product Benefits

Long Life
  • Superior inherent corrosion resistance of the pipe materials results in a long, maintenance-free service life.
Easy Installation
  • High stiffness design yields predictable and reliable pipe performance using installation methods routinely specified for traditional pipes.
  • Push-together joints assemble simply and quickly
  • Lightweight pipes handle easily and safely.
Fits Standard Pipe Accessories
  • O.D.’s match ductile iron dimensions so standard saddles, taps, fittings, couplings, clamps, joints, etc. are compatible and readily available.
Easy To Specify
  • ASTM and AWWA standards cover most applications and product tests. To receive guide specs, please leave a message.
Fast Field Length Adjustments
  • Constant, smooth O.D.’s permit the pipe to be cut and joined anywhere with the Hobas FWC sleeve coupling.
  • Closure couplings assure quick tie-in connections with a positive seal.
Leak-Free Joints
  • Rubber-ring-sealed bell-spigot and coupling joints provide fast, fool-proof assembly and long-term, leak free service.
Performance Confidence
  • Worldwide, 50 year history of success documents Hobas’ service tested and time proven performance record.
  • Over 35,000 miles of pipe in service worldwide.
  • To receive a list of installations in the USA, please contact your area manager.
High Flow Capacity
  • Oversized pipe I.D.’s and the glass-smooth interior surface result in the highest flow capacity available and significant power saving in pumped systems.
Lower Project Cost
  • Increased competition from Hobas pipes has consistently resulted in substantial reductions in pipe prices.
Consistent Quality
  • Computer controlled production process assures consistent, high quality pipes.
  • Tested to ASTM and AWWA standards.