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Case Histories > Sea Water > Sub-Aqueous Seawater Intake in Aruba

Sub-Aqueous Seawater Intake in Aruba

Aruba – Highest Satisfaction
When the Coastal Aruba Refining Company needed to extend their subaqueous cooling water intake line at their San Nicolas, Aruba refinery, they chose Hobas Pipe USA, Inc., to supply the new 72-inch diameter fiberglass pipes. Now, with the installation complete and their system in operation, they couldn’t be more pleased with their decision. Numerous compliments for the Hobas pipes and fabrications have been expressed by all levels of the employees involved in the Aruba operation.
Unique Fabrications
Hobas delivered 400 ft. of 36 psi stiffness, polyester resin pipe in 20 ft. sections, a 72″ x 72″ 60 degree bifurcation wye, 10 and 45 degree 72″ elbows, and a custom-designed rectangular intake box (10′ x 8′ x 17′). All of the pipes and fittings were fabricated with a pair of steel lugs at each end (180 apart), to facilitate the required submerged assembly of the push-together, gasket-sealed FWC coupling joints. Each pipe now rests on a pair of 8 ton concrete cradles sitting on the lagoon floor. Stainless steel straps restrain the fiberglass pipes from future movement.
Hobas Best Value
Many types of pipe were considered for the system extension. Metallic and metallically reinforced pipes were not suitable because of the corrosive seawater environment. HDPE was eliminated because of flotation difficulties that would occur due to the hollow wall construction in this diameter. Ultimately, only fiberglass pipes were bid. Although not lowest in price, Hobas pipes were selected because of strong third party recommendations, the superior joint, the best installation methods, and the responsive, professional support provided during the design and bidding process.
Successful Project
All of the pipes, fittings, and structures arrived from Houston without damage. The installation, which required a couple of weeks with divers, was highly successful. Underwater assembly was reported as “surprisingly easy.” Like others before them, Coastal personnel have labeled Hobas pipes as high quality. They were particularly pleased with the construction and workmanship of the fiberglass intake box, which was detailed and fabricated from a faxed conceptual sketch. Coastal conveyed that Hobas exceeded all expectations and will be considered for an upcoming water distribution piping project at the refinery.