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To celebrate Hobas Pipe’s continued expansion in 2024, Hobas Pipe is releasing a Look Back Series to review and re-publish case studies that cover our long history of exceptional service providing Pressure and Gravity to municipalities desiring sustainable water infrastructure. Whether Pressure or Gravity, Hobas is more ready than ever to continue providing the top product for piping needs.

Potable Water Line Renewed 

In New Orleans, Louisiana in 2002, more than two miles of host water transmission main were found to need of renewal, especially one portion that required immediate action.

Hobas Pipe’s fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (FRPM) pipe, approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for potable water, made the emergency repair easy and now carries drinking water to New Orleans residents. The completed Emergency Water Main Repair project utilized 1,000 feet of 36-inch SN46, PN100 pipe, installed by sliplining an existing 48-inch cast iron line that was nearly 100 years old.

Hobas Pipe Selected

Over two miles of the host water transmission main are in need of renewal soon, however, one portion required immediate action. 

The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans chose Hobas pressure pipe for several reasons, including their successful experience on several previous projects in which they had used Hobas Pipe to slip line sewers. Other reasons included Hobas Pipe’s inherent corrosion resistance and superior flow capacity.

Easy Installation

The liner pipes were installed in 10 foot long sections by contractor Boh Brothers Construction Co. of New Orleans. The entire 1000 feet was inserted by pulling with a winch and cable system from the far end, while also pushing with a backhoe from behind. 

The pipe sections were assembled with the Hobas gasket-sealed, push-together FRP couplings. The 36-inch OD liner pipe was reconnected at both ends to the 48-inch cast iron pipe using steel reducers with Dresser-style joint seals.

To complete the installation, the contractor filled the residual annular space between the host pipe and liner with 50 pcf grout, placed in one lift. But first, they first filled the 36-inch liner pipe with water to avoid flotation.

The successful installation was confirmed when the new liner pipes passed a three hour, 100 psi pressure test with zero leakage. This achievement convinced the New Orleans Board to include Hobas Pipe in the renewal plans for the remainder of this ancient, cast-iron water main.