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  • What’s in Your Pipeline | PDF 2MB
  • Hobas Energy and Power Piping Products | PDF 2MB
  • Hobas Installation & Field Guide | PDF 692KB
  • Hobas Non-Circular Profiles | PDF 820KB
  • Sliplining of Pressure Pipes | PDF 508KB
  • Structural Manhole System | PDF 2.5MB
  • Hobas Pipe Product Guide| PDF 4MB
  • FRPM for Water Pipe and Fittings | PDF 750KB

Feature Stories

  • Large Austin Tunnel Completed with Hobas Pipe | PDF 788KB
  • Black Mesa Project Lowers Flooding Risk | PDF 485KB
  • Successful Design-Build WWTP Completed in Texas | PDF 1MB
  • Long Life Hobas for High Point Sanitary Sewer | PDF 960KB
  • New Technology Leads to Successful Electric Transmission Project | PDF 636KB
  • LNVA Repairs Jones Crossing at the Devers Canal | PDF 734KB
  • Hobas Trenchless for New Water Reclamation Facility in Marysville, Ohio | PDF 474KB
  • East Trunk Sewer Project Solves Weather Risk in Mequon, WI | PDF 649KB
  • Naches-Selah Irrigation District Upgrades System | PDF 822KB
  • Hobas for Penstocks | PDF 648KB
  • Large Diameter Rehabilitation in Houston | PDF 812KB
  • Infrastructure and Population Grow Side by Side in Sioux Falls | PDF 475KB

Pipe Specs

  • Hobas Fiberglass Manholes & Wetwells | PDF 140KB
  • FRP Pipe for Tunnel Carrier Installation –
    Gravity Service | PDF 142KB
  • FRP Pipe for Above Ground Installation –
    Gravity Service | PDF 137KB
  • FRP Pipe for Direct Bury Installation –
    Gravity Service | PDF 96KB
  • FRP Pipe for Jacking Installation –
    Gravity Service | PDF 141KB
  • Fiberglass Pipe for Pressure Service | PDF 97KB
  • FRP Pipe for Sliplining Installation –
    Gravity Service | PDF 141KB
  • Fiberglass Pipe for Non-Pressure (Sewer) Service | PDF 138KB


  • Hobas MSDS Sheet | PDF 85KB | Word Doc 22KB
  • Wall Fitting Pipe – for connections to structure walls of any thickness | PDF 25KB
  • Wall Fitting Pipe & Coupling – for connections to concrete walls wider than the FWC Coupling. A short pipe stub can be assembled to the wall coupling to make up the entire structure wall thickness | PDF 25KB
  • Wall Fitting Coupling – for connections to concrete walls with same width as the FWC coupling (8″, 10″, or 11 1/2″) depending on pipe size | PDF 23KB
  • FWC End Cap | PDF 21KB
  • Branch Fitting’s Concrete Encasement | PDF 265KB
  • Long Term Outdoor Storage | PDF 116KB

Field Technical Advice Sheets

Proper bedding and support of all pipes exiting structures is essential for preventing excessive pipe stresses and deflections, and joint abuse.

Wall couplings must be maintained round during concrete pours for future pipe connections.


Hobas Certifications