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New Brochure – Sliplining of Pressure Pipes

HOBAS pipes are ideally suited for rehabilitation of deteriorating pressure pipelines. HOBAS fiberglass
pipes are suitable for potable water and are tested in accordance with NSF Standard 61. The pipes high strength yet thinned-walled cross section, combined with the superb hydraulics, provide optimal flow recovery while allowing for a fully structural
finished product.

  • High strength thin-walled engineered composite – performance is predictable and reliable
  • Computer-controlled manufactured process, providing consistent and reproducible high quality pipe
  • Non-metallic pipe, required no cathodic protection or issues of stray current
  • Excellent hydraulics characteristics (Hazen Williams C = 155) which are virtually unchanged with time
  • Resilient inner liner and slim wall permits greatest recovery of flow in rehabilitated pipelines
  • Push-on joints allow “fool-proof”, fast assembly with radius curves possible also allowing field adjustments Multiple pressure classes to meet your pipeline rehabilitation project

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