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Press Release – $60 Million Capital Investment Program

Hobas Pipe USA, Inc. Launches $60 Million Capital Investment Program

HOUSTON, TX – May 12, 2022 – Hobas Pipe USA, Inc. (Hobas), the leading North American manufacturer of
corrosion-resistant fiberglass pipe products for water and wastewater related infrastructure, announced today a
$60 million, five-year capital investment program that will support the continued expansion of their Houston-based
manufacturing facility.

“This investment marks our continued commitment to the infrastructure landscape of North America,” said Martin
Dana, President and CEO of Hobas.

Hobas plays a critical role in rehabilitating and replacing aging infrastructure with its corrosion-resistant, 150-year
design life products. The company kicked off the program with the purchase and installation of equipment to
become the first U.S.-based manufacturer of non-circular fiberglass shapes for the rehabilitation of non-circular
sewer systems.

And to-date, Hobas has deployed 60 percent of the capital to secure technology, equipment, land, and
manufacturing infrastructure to support its growth initiatives. The company has also expanded its workforce by 30
percent and expects total job growth to exceed 45 percent when the capital program has been fully executed.
While the company has experienced significant growth over the past several years, Hobas’s mission remains the
same–to ensure today’s infrastructure solutions do not become tomorrow’s problems. Dana said, “It is critical we
educate the community on the longevity of corrosion-resistant fiberglass pipe, its economic advantages, and the
cost savings achieved by using Hobas’s 150-year design life products.”

The remaining capital will be used to further grow the portfolio of products Hobas offers to the water and
wastewater infrastructure markets.

About Hobas Pipe USA, Inc.

Hobas Pipe USA, Inc. is the leading North American producer and supplier of corrosion-resistant, fiberglass pipe
systems. Hobas opened its Houston headquarters in 1987 dedicated to engineering and manufacturing pipe
solutions for municipalities that demand safe and reliable infrastructure. Today, Hobas provides fiberglass pipe
solutions for clients across the United States and Canada. Hobas is wholly owned by WIG Wiestersdorfer Holding
GmbH, a family-owned group of companies operating since 1893 and headquartered in Klagenfurt, Austria. To
learn more, please visit

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