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Hobas Pipe included in the latest 2024 list for “Great Place to Work”!   

We partner with Great Place To Work because we understand the impact leaders have on creating the conditions for a positive employee experience.  

Great Place To Work offers best-in-class data about the employee experience, sourced from surveys taken by millions of employees globally. This data offers organizations invaluable insight into how their workers will interact with the workplace and establishes benchmarks for working conditions around the world. 

Today, their Trust Model™ offers an unmatched opportunity to identify what’s happening within our organization, to measure and track employee experience.

Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture, and we are honored to be on this list.  

Congrats to the team! 

More About Great Place To Work

Powered by their proprietary model and platform, Great Place To Work offers the most respected workplace Certification and lists, unparalleled data and benchmarking, and industry-leading research and insights, all supported by a wealth of resources and a thriving community. 

What is Great Place To Work Certification?

Great Place To Work Certification recognizes employers who create an outstanding employee experience.

Certification is a two-step process that includes surveying your employees and completing a short questionnaire about your workforce.

Because employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores, Certification helps job seekers identify which companies genuinely offer a great company culture.

Certification gives employers a recruiting advantage by providing a globally recognized and research-backed verification of great employee experience.

Read more about the Great Place to Work methodology.