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Press Release – Expansion of Product Offerings and Capabilities

Hobas Pipe USA, Inc. Expands Product Offerings and Capacity to Meet Growing Demand

HOUSTON, TX – May 24, 2022 – Hobas Pipe USA, Inc. (Hobas), the leading North American manufacturer of
corrosion-resistant fiberglass pipe products for water and wastewater related infrastructure, announced today an
increase in the company’s product offerings and capacity to meet the growing demand in the municipal potable
water market due to the passage of the Infrastructure and Investment Act as well as the Biden administration’s
strengthening of the Buy American Act.

“We are thrilled to now offer the same 150-year design life, corrosion-resistant pipe products that our wastewater
customers have enjoyed for the past 35 years to the municipal water market,” said Martin Dana, President and
CEO of Hobas. “This investment represents our vision and continued commitment to creating peace of mind for
future generations through safe and reliable infrastructure.”

With an anticipated start date of July 1, 2022, the new equipment and technology will expand the company’s
current production capacity by 50 percent and increase pressure pipe offerings for the potable water market to
include diameters from 12 to 118 inches and pressure ratings from 50 to 500 psi.

Houston-based Hobas’s mission is to provide value beyond corrosion. In light of the recent legislation, Dana
strongly believes that it is time for the country’s infrastructure owners to think differently when selecting piping
materials to replace aging infrastructure. Dana explained, “Hobas products are engineered to endure and as a
result, we can drive meaningful climate change. The greenest pipe is the one you never have to replace, and it
begins by selecting the correct pipe products for our critical wet infrastructure.”

About Hobas Pipe USA, Inc.

Hobas Pipe USA, Inc. is the leading North American producer and supplier of corrosion-resistant, glass-fiber
reinforced pipe (GRP) systems. Hobas opened its Houston headquarters in 1987 dedicated to engineering and
manufacturing pipe solutions for municipalities that demand safe and reliable infrastructure. Today, Hobas
provides fiberglass pipe solutions for clients across the United States and Canada. Hobas is wholly owned by
WIG Wiestersdorfer Holding GmbH, a family-owned group of companies operating since 1893 and headquartered
in Klagenfurt, Austria. To learn more, please visit

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