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New Brochure – Structural Manhole System

Fiberglass Reinforced Watertight Structural Manhole System

HOBAS Tee Base with Riser Section

To meet your project design requirements, a new HOBAS tee base
manhole system is available with added features and size options.

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  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Installation advantages
Hobas Fiberglass Reinforced Watertight Structural manhole system consists of Hobas pipe, t-base and now a cone to provide a complete corrosion resistant leak free system from the trusted name in the industry.

Since 1987 Hobas has manufactured pipe and fittings including tee bases and risers. All that was missing was a top.

Finally, Hobas has topped it off by offering a complete system which includes a fiberglass cone made from the same materials as the corrosion resistant, leak free pipe our customers have become accustomed to. Since it is manufactured with the same corrosion resistant materials, a long maintenance free life can be expected just like the 100-year design of the Hobas pipe.

The manholes are manufactured to exceed AASHTO H-20/HS-20 loading design standards, and are stiffer than the current minimum requirements of the ASTM manhole standards.

The hydraulic efficiency means that the flow will remain uninterrupted through the Tee Base structures, minimizing odor emissions as well as the release of hydrogen sulfide gases. The Hobas manholes offer ease of installation as they are much lighter weight than transitional systems and the couplings produce leak-free service

Hobas Pipe USA is now committed to being your full system supplier.

Fiberglass Reinforced Watertight Structural Manhole System

Hobas Tee Base with Riser Section

To meet your project design requirements, a new Hobas tee base manhole system is available with added features and size options.

Features & Benefits
  • Exceeds ASTM D3753 Load Rating by 50%
  • AASHTO HS20/HS25 traffic rated
  • SN46 or 72 psi pipe stiffness, 1500% higher than ASTM minimums
  • Built-in anti-flotation ring when needed
  • Simple concrete encased tee-base handles loads with added safety factor
  • Laminated/welded cone to riser section
  • Zero Infiltration/Exfiltration top to bottom
  • 25 psi internal/100 psi external rating
  • Embedded FWC coupling to seat the riser
  • No step-downs at the connection
  • Tee is exact ID as the pipe for minimal flow disruption
  • Reduced odor emissions with laminar flows
  • Any angle turn and any lateral is possible
  • 18”-126” Tee sizes
  • 48” or 60” Riser sizes
  • 3”-30” future connections made w/ tapping tees (others)
  • 24”, 30” and 36” standard manhole cover openings
  • Lightweight system, small excavators could install pipe, tee and riser
  • Eliminate the cost and hassle of large cranes on standby
  • Reduced trenching requirements (width) for the tee
  • Maintenance free service

Learning More

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